worlds biggest islands

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Great Britain

Worlds Biggest Islands

Island and location. Area. square miles. square km. 1. Greenland. 822,700. 2,130,800.
Great Britain

Great Britain is an island separated from the European mainland by the English Channel and North Sea. IIt comprises the nations of England, Scotland and Wales. Its long history is evident in prehistoric sites such as Neolithic Stonehenge, and medieval castles like those at Warwick, Dover and Caernarfon. Roman ruins include Hadrian s Wall, which once divided Roman Britain from the northern Scottish lowlands.

Kotelny Russia
New Britain Papua New Guinea
Hispaniola Dominican Republic Haiti
Sumatra Indonesia
Flores Indonesia
Shikoku Japan
Panay Philippines
Halmahera Indonesia
Prince of Wales Island Canada
Ellef Ringnes Island Canada
Luzon Philippines
Cape Breton Island Canada
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