worlds biggest islands

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Worlds Biggest Islands

Island and location. Area. square miles. square km. 1. Greenland. 822,700. 2,130,800.
21. Hokkaido Japan
Hokkaido, the northernmost of Japan s main islands, is known for volcanoes, natural hot springs and ski resorts. National parks include rugged Daisetsuzan, home to steaming, volcanic Mt. Asahi, and ShikotsuT?ya park, containing caldera lakes, geothermal springs and Mt. Fuji lookalike Mt. Yotei. Rusutsu, Furano and Niseko are popular ski destinations, with Niseko also offering fishing, biking and rafting in the summer.
22. Sakhalin Russia
Sakhalin is a large Russian island in the North Pacific Ocean, lying between 45
23. Hispaniola Dominican Republic Haiti
Hispaniola is the 22ndlargest island in the world, located in the Caribbean island group, the Greater Antilles. It is the second largest island in the Caribbean after Cuba, and the tenth most populous island in the world.Two sovereign nations share the 76,192 square kilometres (29,418 sq mi) island. The Dominican Republic with 48,445 square kilometres (18,705 sq mi) is nearly twice as large as its neighbor, Haiti, which contains 27,750 square kilometres (10,710 sq mi). The only other shared island in the Caribbean is Saint Martin, shared between France (SaintMartin) and the Netherlands (Sint Maarten).
24. Banks Island Canada
Banks Island is one of the larger members of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Situated in the Inuvik Region of the Northwest Territories, it is separated from Victoria Island to its east by the Prince of Wales Strait and from the mainland by Amundsen Gulf to its south. The Beaufort Sea lies to its west, and to its northeast MClure Strait separates the island from Prince Patrick Island and Melville Island.It is home to barrenground caribou, polar bears, and birds such as robins and swallows. Over 68,000 muskoxen also live on the island, the majority of the worlds population, but at the census in 2011 it had a human population of just 112, all in Sachs Harbour.
25. Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon), a tiny island nation south of India in the Indian Ocean, is a rugged land of rainforest, diverse wildlife and endless beaches. It s famed for its ancient Buddhist ruins, including the 5thcentury citadel Sigiriya, with its palace and frescoes, and the sacred city of Anuradhapura. Its flavorful cuisine reflects its history as a maritime hub and cultural melting pot.
26. Tasmania Australia
Tasmania, an isolated island state off Australia s south coast, is known for its vast, rugged wilderness areas, largely protected within parks and reserves. On the Tasman Peninsula, the 19thcentury Port Arthur penal settlement is now an openair museum. In Hobart, the port capital, Salamanca Places Georgian warehouses now house galleries and boutiques. Its Museum of Old and New Art has a contemporary edge.
27. Devon Island Canada
Devon Island, claimed to be the largest uninhabited island on Earth, is located in Baffin Bay, Qikiqtaaluk Region, Nunavut, Canada.
28. Severny Novaya Zemlya Russia
Severny Island is the northern island of the Novaya Zemlya archipelago, lying approx 400 km north of the Russian mainland. It has an area of 48,904 square kilometres, making it the 30th largest island in the world.
29. Grande de Tierra del Fuego Argentina Chile
Tierra del Fuego literally Fire Land, formerly Isla de Xativa and also known as Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego
30. Alexander Island Antarctica
Alexander Island, which is also known as Alexander I Island, Alexander I Land, Alexander Land, Alexander I Archipelago, and Zemlja Alexandra I, is the largest island of Antarctica.

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