what to eat in punjab

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What to Eat in punjab

A variety of Punjabi dinner cuisines; left to right: Aloo gobi, Seekh Kehbab, and Beef Karahi.

Kulcha is a type of leavened Indian bread eaten on the Indian subcontinent, made from maida (wheat flour). It is particularly popular in India and Pakistan, and is usually eaten with chole. Kulcha is a typical Punjabi recipe. Amritsar, a city in Punjab is famous for its Amritsari kulchas or Amritsari naan. Flour dough is rolled into a flat, round shape and baked in an earthen clay oven until golden brown. When baked, it is usually rubbed with butter, and then eaten with spicy chole (chickpea curry). In Pakistan, kulcha breads are largely eaten in Azad Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan and certain parts of the Hazara and northern Punjab regions, where they are a popular breakfast item.

Rajma Chawal
Aaloo da Prantha
Lamb and mutton
Punjab di Karhi
Sarson da Saag and Makki di Roti
Freshwater fish
Chana masala
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