What to Eat in Sikkim
Sikkim cuisine shows influence of different countries and culture.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Chhurpi ka achar
The people of the Sikkim Himalayas eat many varieties of wild ferns commonly grown in these regions. Some of the common edible ferns are Diplazium polypodiodes locally called sauney ningro, iplazium spp. kali ningro, etc. Recipe of wild fern is unique in these regions which is mostly mixed with Chhurpi to taste. Ningro, an alpine fiddle-head fern and its tendrils when sauted with Churpi( form of cheese) makes an irresistible dish. Normally it is not served in the restaurants but is prepared as a household dish.

Vatamas ka achar
Chhurpi ka achar
Ras malai
Til ko Alu

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