what to eat in nagaland

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Dried Pork

What to Eat in Nagaland

Naga cuisine, of the Naga people, features meats and fish, which are often smoked, dried .
Dried Pork

A traditional Naga kitchen is outdoors because a fire is one of the most essential components of cooking. Hanging above any Naga kitchen fire will be pieces of meat (both pork and beef), that slowly dry out and smoke high above the flames. After weeks or sometimes much longer than that, the meat is ready to be consumed. For one meal we just ate some of the smoked pork, and another time we enjoyed a stew made from the meat. It was crispy on the outside, a little like jerky, but just saturated with an intensely delicious smokiness. It was so good along with rice.

Dried Pork
Smoked Pork Stew
Boiled Vegetables
Naga Ghost Chili Sauce
Beans Mix
Nagaland Pork and Dry Bamboo Shoots
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