what to eat in jharkhand

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Mitha Khaja

What to Eat in Jharkhand

Dal, bhat and tarkari are an integral part of a regular Jharkhand meal.
Mitha Khaja

People of Jharkhand has a fascination for varieties of desserts. They prepare desserts like gajar ka halwa, gujia, kheer, curd and many such things. But the chart is topped by Mitha Khaja.In Jharkhand almost each and every household prepares Mitha Khaja and exchanges them with their relatives and close acquaintances, specially in festive seasons. In Jharkhand, Mitha Khaja has become the part and parcel of Diwali.

Bihari Litti
Til Barfi
Dahi vada
Mitha Khaja
Bharwan karela
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