what to eat in delhi

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Mango sandwich shake

What to Eat in Delhi

It is famous for its street food. The variety consists of snacks, especially chaat.
Mango sandwich shake

Ah the Indian mango. If youre here during the springsummer season the payoff for enduring the oftenoppressive heat is access to the best mangoes in the world. Lots of them sold on practically every street; encased in a thick travelerfriendly skin dripping with sweet juices and bursting with pure mango flavor. There are countless varieties of mango here all with exoticsounding names safeda langda dussehri chausa fazli rataul Alphonso and all wed hazard a guess delicious. What you find will depend on where you go and when youre here. But equally wonderful is the seasons byproduct: all the foods that appear on the Delhi scene featuring the versatile mango. Elsewhere we discuss the mango lassi and mango kulfi; here well focus on the more unexpected mango sandwich and thick mango shake.

Gulab jamun
Mango sandwich shake
Kadhai paneer
Tandoori chicken
Chole kulche
Rabri faluda
Butter chicken
Chicken ishtu
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