what to eat in delhi

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What to Eat in Delhi

It is famous for its street food. The variety consists of snacks, especially chaat.

The smoothielike counter to all those heavy curries lassi is a creamy frothy yogurtbased drink from Punjab. There are many varieties but most will fall under either sweet or salted the former is curd blended or whisked with sugar (and/or fruit) the latter with salt and often other spices like cumin and/or cardamom seeds. Traditionally lassi is served in a disposable clay cup called a kulhar and extra malai or clotted cream is spooned on top before serving. In Delhi lassis are especially popular in the summer when they provide a cool soothing balance to most everything else being consumed.

Naan roti chapati
Chicken changezi
Moong dal halwa
Dal makhani
mutton seekh chicken tikka
Sweets khoya milkbased burfi milk cake peda
Chole kulche
Butter chicken
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