what to eat in delhi

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Chicken changezi

What to Eat in Delhi

It is famous for its street food. The variety consists of snacks, especially chaat.
Chicken changezi

A nonveg Delhi favorite chicken changezi is roasted chicken cooked with tomato ginger garlic onions green chilies fresh coriander (cilantro) spices and plenty of oil until its packed with spicy flavor and richly red in color. Its roots are Punjabi and its name possibly connected to Genghis (a.k.a. Changez) Khan though we can only guess how or why. Sure the Mughals were descended from a sect of Mongols going back a few centuries or maybe the dishs bright hue and strong spice profile is meant to evoke a ruthless conqueror with a redhot temper? Seems a bit of a stretch we know. But all you need to know is: Its absolutely delicious.

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