what to eat in bihar

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What to Eat in Bihar

dishes which Bihar is famous for include Sattu Paratha, which are parathas stuffed.

Mix of Rice, Dal and several Vegetables; steamed together to give a distinctive taste of different ingredients combined in one dish. It is often topped up with ghee. Khich?i, alternate spellings khichdi, khichri, khichdee, khichadi, khichuri, khichari, kitcheree, kitchree, and many other variants, is a South Asian preparation made from rice and lentils (dal). Khichri is commonly considered to be a comfort food, and was the inspiration for the Anglo-Indian dish kedgeree. Khichri is also thought to be the inspiration for the popular Egyptian dish, Kushari. Khichdi has no relation with the Keralite dish kichadi.

Aloo paratha
Gulab jamun
Tandoori chicken
Dahi vada
Dal Puri
Shahi paneer
Parwal ki Mithai
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