weirdest websites that rock the web

Z0r de

Weirdest Websites That Rock The Web

This website could probably provide a list of its own. Just click PLEASE to go to a random website.
Z0r de
Just press F5 and youre done endless entertainment for champions of procrastination and fans of sometimes weird, sometimes beautiful gifs/videos.Warning put the volume down and make sure that no ones watching you. Fair warning the sound effects sometimes keep going even after you close the tab.

PointerPointer com
FeartheGayChicken org
Hosanna1 com
patience is a virtue org
isitchristmas com
MomSpaghetti ytmnd com
PixyLand org PeterPan
newsoffuture com
GeoTastic org/Rude
mockery org notmensa
BrainWash com
secrettechnology com
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