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Weird Stories

Car lands on roof
Stolen cash returned to bank robber
The fork in the road is taken
How do you re home homing pigeons
Blue honey traced to M and Ms
Scottish village gets a sister city on Mars
Why the tortoise wouldnt eat
German civil servant did nothing for 14 years
Wanted man turns himself in for reward
Dead snake bites man
Police officer chased himself
Bomb squad finds Schrodingers Cat alive
Man accidentally joins Antarctic expeditions
London mayor left hanging from zipline
30 squirrels escape from zoo; 38 recaptured
Beezow Doo Doo Zopittybop Bop Bop arrested
Police break up cat party
Russian children take found lion to school
Fox sends text message from stolen phone
Amateur art restoration goes all wrong
Charles Dickens
Albert Einstein
Robert Louis Stevenson
King George III
Napoleon Bonaparte
Theodore Roosevelt
Peter the Great
Charlie Chaplin
Sir Richard Francis Burton
Secret dungeon
McDonalds high chair
Hamster comes back from the dead
Brighton vortex
Mystery Monopoly
Drunk pig
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