weird restaurants

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The Royal Dragon

Weird Restaurants

a place where people pay to sit and eat meals that are cooked and served on the premises.
The Royal Dragon

If you think Britains biggest restaurant, serving 2,000 diners a day, is massive, think again. Bangkoks Royal Dragon is monumental. The colossal seafood place sprawls across 8.35 acres, has 1,000 staff, and requires 540 costumed waiters on roller skates to serve some 5,000 customers. And while it boasts the largest collection of live seafood tanks and 1,000 pan-Asian dishes, diners dont come for the food. Its all about the spectacle: traditional Thai and Chinese music, dance and martial arts shows, and waiters walking on water and flying through the air on zip-wires. Watch what you order if you choose live seafood (it is priced by weight and can be expensive), so there are no surprises other than the waiters falling from the sky, that is. The dim sum buffet and set menus are the best value. Service can be slow despite the wheels and wires, making the experience best done with a group of (well-lubricated) friends.

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