weird plants

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Chinese Black Batflowers

Weird Plants

The weirdest plants are ones that grow in faraway places like the island of Madagascar off the east.
Chinese Black Batflowers

Theres a good reason that Batman uses bat imagery to strike terror into the hearts of Gothams criminals, rather than, say, some kind of shrew. Bats are freakin scary. For the same reason, nature has decided to use that same mold to make plants that can induce spontaneous bowel movements, with the addition of some tentacles just to be sure, like we have on the Chinese black batflowers.

Dracaena cinnabari
Dionaea muscipula
Elephant Foot Yam
Euphorbia obesa
Himalayan Blackberry
Death Camas
Bears Head Tooth Mushroom
Hydnora Africana
Venus Flytrap
Spurge Laurel
Chinese Black Batflowers
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