Weird Olympic Sports
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Equestrian Eventing
So, horses jumping over ridiculous items wasnt enough for you? Ok, how about horse triathlon? Horse triathlon. When I first heard that phrase, my brain exploded. Im only alive today thanks to the power of duct tape.What? How is a horse triathlon a thing? I guess I should stop asking that after horse ballet and horse obstacle course, but okay.Eventing includes dressage, cross-country, and show jumping. We already know dressage is horse ballet. Cross-country is a horse obstacle course, but without the crazy obstacles. The obstacles tend to be more along the lines of logs which I guess is less crazy than Saturn. Its an endurance test. Show jumping has the horse given a certain amount of time to, as cleanly as possible, clear the jumps of a course.

Equestrian Eventing
Modern Pentathlon
Pulling your leg
Ping Pong
Pistol Dueling

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