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Dark Star

Weird English Movie Names

its place as the home of the entertainment industry, including several of its historic studios.
Dark Star

This is John Carpenters very first film. Wow...does it show. You can see flashes of future brilliance in there, between the scruffy beards and 70s haircuts but Its still a low-budget b-movie nonetheless. What I find interesting is that the DVD cover says The Ultimate Cosmic Comedy. Yeah...its not funny. Its satirical at times, but not particularity funny. Its just weird, and maybe that alone is what makes it so funny. Its about a lone, small ship in space that goes around blowing up planets until things start to go wrong. Especially when one member is asked to feed the alien they keep locked away in a room. Simple, effective, really strange.

Alice in Wonderland
The incredibly strange
Breakin 2 electric boogaloo
Rat pfink a boo boo
Carnival of Souls
Honey i blew up the kid
Hope floats
Stop or my mom will shoot
Blue Velvet
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