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Weird English Movie Names

its place as the home of the entertainment industry, including several of its historic studios.
31. Delicatessen
A surprisingly funny, piece of filmmaking by one of my favorite directors, Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Amelie, City of Lost Children) and Marc Caro. Delicatessen was his first film and, even though its visually impressive, ends up being a mish-mash of strange scenes and stranger characters. Its about their lives, quirks and weird behaviors. Oh, did I mention it takes place in a post-apocalyptic world and they all live in a ruined apartment building? Yeah, that too. The landlord likes to cook people and serve them to his tenants as well. Thats nice of him and very thoughtful.
32. Lost Highway
Alright, its about at this point things are going to start getting really weird. Almost to the point where I cant really describe the movies. At least the previous pieces of film have a solid semblance of a story and plot, but were going to gradually start losing that starting now. Theyre just that bizaare. David Lynchs Lost Highway is a perfect example. I suppose I should start with the following: A man is accused of killing his wife, then he becomes a different person and lives a different life. No real reason, he just does. Theres also random sex in the middle of a dirt road with Bill Pullman and Patricia Arquette.
33. Yellow Submarine
Should we thank the Beatles for drugs or the drugs for the Beatles? Somehow in 1968 both collided and out sprawled the psychedelic head-trip (that is supposedly for kids) known as Yellow Submarine. Captain Fred...yes, Fred...asks the Beatles to save his beloved Pepperland from the Blue Meanies. The Blue Meanies hate music, so the Beatles are there to save them. How? Thats a damn good question. Play music and drive them away is all I can assume happens because the whole thing is about as straightforward and sensible as an Escher drawing.
34. Brazil
Terry Gilliams Brazil is methodical in its imagery and story. Some films will simply throw in random scenes of strangeness to confound you, yet in Brazil they all seem to have a purpose in some form or another. Similar to the world it presents, being to the letter and efficient yet strange and off somehow. Its pretty coherent, especially early on, but slowly dives in to be stranger and stranger as we progress. A wrong man is arrested for being a terrorist due to a bug (literally, a bug) in a the machine that misprinted his name. Eventually this mistake is discovered and our hero, Sam, who is off to investigate. We share his discoveries, his mysteries solved and his journey through the weird and bureaucratic (inefficiently bureaucratic, I might add, which makes for some great dark comedy) world of Brazil.
35. Jacobs Ladder
Tim Robbins plays a Vietnam Vet who finds himself in some wacky situations. Its a screwball comedy with an all-star cast that brings the laughs about how silly ole Jacob is having a gosh-darn hard time getting his life together.Oh, sorry. Got sidetracked there. I suppose thats wishful thinking. Jacobs Ladder is actually one of the more disturbing and dark films youll ever see. Jacob is trying to get his life together, but its because hes haunted by the most fucked-up hallucinations and nightmares a man could go through, ranging from creatures on subways, men with no faces trying to hunt him to his dead son appearing to him. Its not a fun ride and is probably the darkest film to watch on this entire list. If you havent seen it, youve been warned. If youve already seen it, Im willing to bet you arent jumping up to watch it a second time.
36. Videodrome
Sleazy TV programmer Max Reen stumbles across an odd and hidden broadcast simply labeled Videodrome that shows torture, sex and murder. Supposedly its fake but Max feels its real. His stupid girlfriend, turned on by it all, goes off to audition and Maxs investigation into the weird and surreal, if not disturbing, world of Videodrome, its secret transmission and how it all relates to the mind begins. Its Crononeberg at one of his weirdest and best and James Woods gives a very personal performance...all while really having something to say about violence and sex as entertainment. in fact, Videodrome more or less predicted what television was likely to become: more and more depraved.
37. Altered States
Theres nothing like mind experiments to screw you up royally. Altered States tells the story of a psychology professor (William Hurt) who feels he needs to prove that the subconscious is just as real as the conscious. Well...lets just say things get a little out of hand, what with his drugs, deprivation tanks and dancing... and we are given some of the most bizarre and even scary imagery you could ask for. The film is dark, many of the dreams and hallucinations religious and sexual in nature and Hurt gives a solid performance as a guy that knows its getting out of control.
38. Pi
Intelligent, Spiritual, thought-provoking. Pi is the story of a mathematician, Max, who stumbles across a unique string of numbers. The string, apparently, is the answer to all of lifes questions. Within its 216 numbers lies the solutions to everything, from predicting the future to understanding God. Now everybody wants it, and Max, unfortunately is also a shut-in paranoid schizophrenic. The film is entirely about paranoia and strangely, that paranoia shifts over to you and stays with you when you leave the theater. Its shot on grainy, high-contrast black and white and gives you a sense of authenticity to it all. Its that senes of this is actually happening that makes Pi work as well as it does. It feels more like a documentary than just a regular narrative film.
39. The Wall
Wow, Pink Floyd makes a film and its weird as shit. Who would have thought? For those who dont know, the concept album the Wall tells the story of Pink and his desire to destroy the Wall. Its about isolation and eventual losing of ones mind - Pink locks himself away in a hotel room and gradually begins hallucinating and shaving his body hair (based on former Pink Floyd band member, Syd Barret). The film does all this with little to no dialogue and surreal imagery bombards the screen seeminlgy every few minutes (a good portion of it animation) and has countless metaphorical and symbolic scenes and shots.
40. Naked Lunch
Ok, stay with me here. Naked Lunch is a pseudo-autobiographical story by William S. Burroughs, who is known as an odd duck to begin with but also a renowned opiate addict (oh, this is already getting good). He runs off one day to Tangiers and decides to write a book. Now you have David Cronenberg wanting to do a film version of, what most considered, an unfilmable book. Ok, this list should give you and idea on his approach to things with eXistenZ and Videodrome. (Weird Book + Weird director = ????) Naked Lunch is the story of an exterminator who kills his wife, travels to Tangiers, enters a hallucinatory zone of the city where reality and fantasy merge into one. There he talks to insect-like humanoids and typewriters, all in his dream to become a writer. It has the usual Cronenberg obsession with flesh and deformity now with arthropods.

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