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Weird English Movie Names

its place as the home of the entertainment industry, including several of its historic studios.
11. Ballistic ecks vs Sever
It takes a special kind of genius to fuck up a movie featuring Lucy Liu in skin tight leather, but somehow they do it, no thanks to the ridiculous title. If you say Ecks Vs. Seer 10 times fast, you can raise the dead.
12. Gigli
This movie had train wreck written all over it, largely in part to the insipid title, which had to be accompanied with a phonetic pronunciation guide in the press kits insisting reporters say it like, Gee-Lee. It would have been more honest, and easier to pronounce, if they just titled the film Shit.
13. Honey i blew up the kid
This shocking title seems more like a training film for Hamas, than something Disney would have released. Of course, when you let the director of Re-Animator, Stuart Gordon, write a kids film, youre just asking for trouble.
14. Leonard part 6
Cosby was on top of the world in the 80s. His show was the number one thing on TV, and people were buying Jell-O Pudding Pops like they were going out of style. But for some reason, they just couldnt put him in movies that anyone cared about. The confusingly named Leonard Part 6 just baffled that hell out of the moviegoing public. See, he was this spy, and this was supposed to be the 6th episode in his series of spy films, even though it was the first one. You can only pull that sort of shit, if you throw A New Hope on top of it.
15. Hope floats
One couldnt help but think of something else that floats when looking at the title of this film.
16. Jesse james meets frankensteins daughter
This film is bad from top to bottom. I just cant imagine a boy in 1966 getting excited about seeing this showdown of titans. What the hell? Its like they just pulled 2 names out of the Crappy Character Hat and were forced to make a movie about it on a dare. The same director, William Beaudine (who had a remarkably long career going back to 1910!), also directed Billy The Kid Meets Dracula the same year! Yep, 1966 was a golden time for shitty cowboy vs. monster films. Its too bad that he died before he could finish Doc Holliday vs. The Creature From The Black Lagoons Retarded Sister.
17. Gleaming the cube
More a euphemism for masturbation than a title for a film, this movie took a supposed well known term to appeal to hard core skaters, and just made them laugh. So ridiculous, the title was, that it was renamed A Brothers Justice when it was released on network television. And now you know...the rest of the story!
18. Manos hands of fate
Certainly, if were not for the Mystery Science Theater treatment of this film, nobody would have ever heard of Manos: Hands of Fate which when translated completely from Spanish means Hands: Hands of Fate.
19. Attack of the clones
It takes a lot to turn Star Wars fans against the great George Lucas, but months before the film was released, they rallied against the ridiculous subtitle of Episode 2 with more fury than the news that N*SYNC was going to guest star in the film. Prelude to Darkness even Nerds In Paradise would have been a better subtitle than Attack of The Clones.
20. The incredibly strange
Yes, the same man that brought you Rat Pfink A Boo Boo brought you this incomprehensibly titled film. The films director, Ray Dennis Steckler, originally titled the film The Incredibly Strange Creature: Or Why I stopped Living and Became a Mixed-up Zombie, but under legal threats from Columbia Pictures, who felt it was too close to their upcoming Stanley Kubrick film, Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. The director actually called Columbia, outraged, and demanded to speak to Kubrick himself, who ultimately got on, and was satisfied with his new title suggestion.

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