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Natural bust enlargement with total mind power

Weird Books

Read the Weird Books That Really Exist.
Natural bust enlargement with total mind power
Instead of blowing thousands dollars on surgery, Dr. Donald L. Wilson suggests that increased breast size can be achieved through the power of mindful thinking. The contents read more like softcore erotic poetry than a selfhelp guide. One noteworthy line reads, You look up at the sky, and you see a white cloud formation in the shape of your breasts which reminds you of How perfect your breasts can be.

Knitting With Dog Hair
Dating for Under a Dollar
Manifold Destiny
Strangers Have The Best Candy
Liberace Your Personal Fashion Consultant
How Green Were the Nazis
The Do It Yourself Lobotomy
Cooking With Poo
The Lull before Dorking
Crocheting Adventures with Hyperbolic Planes
How to Teach Physics to Your Dog
The joy of chickens
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