weird birds

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Weird Birds

Weird Birds are one of the most unusual creations that we have in this world.
41. Helmeted Hornbills
They are known to be found in the south Myanmar and apart from that South Thailand, Sumatra, Malaysia and Borneo are some of the places where they can be seen. They are the large, dark brown plus white colored birds having very short red bills and an unadorned and furrowed throat patch which s red colored in males while of blue colors in females. The feather of this bird that geos from the base of the bill to the halfway of the tip where it conclusions brusquely is very solid in the species and almost makes up for the 10% of the total weight of the bird.
42. Sri Lanka Frog mouth
Frogmouths are usually called as a tropical group of those birds which are nocturnal in nature. They are found in the dense tropical forest of Southern India as well as Sri Lanka and are the smallest species of all the frogmouths that are found in the world. These kinds of species are sometimes confused and disguised with large flattened hooked bill and huge frog like gapes as well. They are known to hunt insects for food during the night time and they fly very weakly and fluttery but can fly easily under the canopy of the forests. They also make annoying crackly sounds just like frogs which also resembles with the sound of rattling pebbles.
43. Kiwi
If you are a citizen of New Zealand sometimes you may think that the national bird of here Kiwi is not so much unique among all but it really is. Including of now extinct birds Moas, Kiwi is the solitary survivor of a prehistoric order of birds. It is a secretive, nocturnal bird who doesn
44. Hoatzin
This bird is an aboriginal pheasant sized bird which has brown colored feathers which has even the lighter tone of colors of feathers. They have a blue face, their eyes are maroon colored and the crown of their head is made by the spiky feathers. The head of the bird is quite small as compared to his body but the neck is pretty large. They are found in swamps of amazon most of the time and can also be present in Orinoco Delta is South Africa. Newly hatched hoatzins are known to be featherless but they may grow very fast and their features are same as compared to Archaeopteryx.
45. The Shoebill Heron
The shoebill heron derives its name from its massive shoe-shaped bill. It is also named whale-headed Stork. They live in the tropical east Africa in a large swamp from Sudan to Zambia. After maturity, adults are generally grey in colour and stand at around 114 ? 150cm, and their beaks are around a foot in length. Juveniles are brown in colour. It is a unique bird of uncertain affinities with its prehistoric looking. Shoebill shows similarities to pelicans, storks and herons. There is much debate about Shoebill
46. Birds of Paradise
There are more than three dozen species in the family Paradisaeidae, more commonly known as the birds of paradise. Most are distinguished by striking colors and bright plumage of yellow, blue, scarlet, and green. These colors distinguish them as some of the world

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