weird animals

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The Manned Wolf

Weird Animals

A collection of weird animals.
The Manned Wolf

These creatures are very shy and flea if they feel threaten for the most part, so they poss as little to no threat to humans. Although Humans poss more of a threat because their habitat is becoming more threaten by humans because we cut down their homes to build ours and they are forced to find other places to go but end up getting hit by cars in the long run, Feral and domestic dogs attack them and spreed diseases to them. Each pup is born to be able 16 oz and takes them about 1 year to mature, during in which the mother takes care of them and finds them food. Both male and females use their urine to communicate with each other. Although they do not run in packs these wolfs with find food together during mating season and a monogamous pair, but once mating season is over they go their own way.

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