ways lefties are better than righties

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Ways Lefties Are Better Than Righties

Ways Lefties Are Better Than Righties
21. Better warriors
Lefties were likely more successful in battle (and would be if a zombie apocalypse comes) since fighting from the left was less common and prepared for.
22. Write in Arabic or draw Manga
In areas which move righttoleft such as Arabic script or Manga magazines, lefthand writers have an advantage over the righties.
23. Better computer designers
Making sense due to many of the points stated previously, four out of five of the original Macintosh computer designers were lefties.
24. Scholarship money
A few scholarships out there are restricted to only those who are left handed.
25. More likely to get elected
Four out of the last seven U.S. Presidents were lefthanded. They include Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and Gerald Ford.

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