ways lefties are better than righties

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Ways Lefties Are Better Than Righties

Ways Lefties Are Better Than Righties
11. Its not all rosy
Oddly, for women who have gone to college, lefties earn 5% less than righties (but as you can see there are still plenty of other lefthanded advantages).
12. Better drivers
Lefties tend to pass their driving tests (on the first time) more than righties, at a rate of 57% to 47%.
13. Better astronauts
Well, this one might be a bit disputed as to why, but it is true that 25% of the Apollo astronauts were lefties.
14. Faster thinkers
In lefties, the left and right sides of the brain communicate more quickly another point for lefthanded people being more intelligent!
15. More visual
Lefthanded people lean more towards visual rather than written fields. They land up more in areas like photography and painting than in law or writing.
16. Faster typists
On a standard QWERTY keyboard, lefthanded people can type significantly quicker only about 450 words can be typed with only the right hand in comparison to about 3,400 words with only the left.
17. Aquatic ability
Another feature whose cause isnt exactly known, lefthanded people better acclimate to being underwater.
18. Better health
Though lefties have greater risk of dyslexia and learning impairments, they have been found to have lower rates of arthritis.
19. Better video game players
Lefties are better video game players due to their ability to handle more stimuli.
20. Lefties are royals
Though there are plenty of righthanded royals, a disproportionate amount are lefties, including Queen Elizabeth II and Prince William.

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