way to wakeup

Start Your Morning With A Puzzle

Way To Wakeup

The best method for changing the time you wake up is to do it.
Start Your Morning With A Puzzle
What a wild trick. Put your alarm clock in a place where it can not be easily turned off. For example, bring a chair, put an alarm clock high on the cabinet, then put your chair back into another room.

Do not go on the computer
Get extra clothes ready for waking up
Start Your Morning With A Puzzle
Set Your Alarm for Bedtime
Find something pleasurable to do when you wake up
Eat a bit of yogurt
Have a similarly motivated buddy
Create right associations
Give A Promise To Wake Up Early
Avoid Alcohol Tobacco And Caffeine
It Takes 3 Weeks To Make A Habit
Ask Someone Who Wakes Up Early To Wake You Up
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