watches you cant stop watching

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Watches You Cant Stop Watching

Watches You Cant Stop Watching
1. Thanko LED 720p Mini Video Watch
Considering this Watch films videos at 720p and holds 4GB of storage memory, the Dollar 105 price tag is quite surprising.
2. MB And F Horological Machine No 4 Thunderbolt Watch
Made with 5 Grade titanium and expert machined sapphire crystal, with over 365 components, this 1970s era American warplanes inspired Watch will set you back a whopping Dollar 158,000. You could buy two Ferraris for that
3. Nuvati Floating Diamonds Watch
For Dollar 540, you can carry actual fragments of the moon and mars around on your wrist this Watch is literally out of this world
4. Ori Takemura s Kei Kei Watch
Don t consider this one if you re bad with angles but a pretty creative simple design. Couldn t find a price tag for this one but I doubt they re going for Dollar 50.
5. Dzmitry Samal s Concrete Watch
Forget about lifting weights, this concrete Watch will give you massive biceps in no time Just make sure you keep switching arms. There only 100 of these swiss made Watches on the planet at Dollar 1600 a pop.
6. Late Anyway Watch
This unique Whatever, I m Late Anyway Watch for men and women features my own original face design where the Watch numbers are scrambled because.
7. Flud BoomBox Watch
Looking like something Will Smith would wear in the Fresh Prince of the Bel Air, the boom box Watch is only Dollar 90 and is sure to be a regular conversation starter.
8. Issey Miyake Silap003 Twelve Mens Watch
Another simple design for those of us who know our way around a clock face otherwise don t spend Dollar 400 on a Watch that s going to impress your friends but challenge you every time you want to know the time.
9. Watch Cufflinks
For the man who has everything Watches, cufflinks but does he have both in one? No? There you go, get him Watch cufflinks they range from Dollar 25 to Dollar 300.
10. Romain Jerome PAC Man Watch
Who the hell knows how Romain Jerome can justify charging Dollar 17,000 for this unattractive woman repellant. Maybe because you save money on condoms?

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