valentines day flowers

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Valentines Day Flowers

Show your love with Valentine's Day flowers from Roses Only this Feb 14.
11. Conversation Piece
A valentine of any age will enjoy the fun messages that this arrangement delivers. Pastel candy hearts proclaiming Class act and Be true and tulips in complementary colors, such as creamy Cheers, pale pink New Design, and Apricot Beauty, convey your feelings with more than words.
12. Cockscomb Valentine Wreath
Nothing expresses the essence of Valentines Day better than a big, full heart. Declare your love for a sweetheart or simply a love of romance with this handmade cockscomb wreath.
13. Blooming Place Card
A rose by any name smells sweet so why not create place cards decorated with blooms? Fold a 3 by 8 inch piece of card stock in half, inscribe it with a name, and cut a small hole in the crease. Trim a rose stem to 2 1 2 inches; slide it through the hole. Place in a plastic floral tube.
14. A Vibrant Arrangement
To make a vibrant Valentines Day arrangement, use geranium leaves as greenery, roses in two colors hot pink and red in two shades, some interesting carnations burgundy with dark pink in the border of the petals, and a touch of pale pink ranunculus.
15. Flower Heart Centerpiece
Give petite flowers a larger presence by arranging them in the form of a heart. With this centerpiece there are enough blooms for every guest to take a cluster or two home. To ensure that the design stands out, use short, small vessels, such as eggcups. We combined a vibrant collection of ranunculus with all white details. Candles placed inside the heart will showcase the flowers into the evening.
16. Rose Dome Centerpiece
The impromptu charm of a variegated rose here, white and pink Henri Matisse highlights the intensity of its crimson companions.
17. Roses in a Ribbon Box
Four dozen red and pink roses stand out in this boxed arrangement.
18. Slender Rose Arrangement
A mixed bouquet can be artfully rearranged among a dozen slender vases, freeing each bloom to flaunt its beauty. Much is made of long stems, but trimming them to staggered heights lets individual roses stand out.
19. Arrange Roses
Learn how to prepare and arrange a beautiful rose centerpiece for the table.
20. Carnation Mobile Centerpiece
Heres a romantic centerpiece that takes no table space a carnation mobile with matching floral napkin rings.

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