valentines day flowers

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Valentines Day Flowers

Show your love with Valentine's Day flowers from Roses Only this Feb 14.
1. Birch Love Vase
Use a birch bark vase and a wood burning tool to mimic the romance of initials carved into a tree trunk.
2. Carnation Cones
Using our cone clip art, you can create these easy and sweet carnation bouquets. Just print onto heavyweight paper and cut out. Shape into a cone and fasten at tabs using double sided tape. Bind stems with floral tape and set inside cone.
3. Chocolate Wrapper
The vase underneath this bunch of roses, dusty miller foliage, and nerine lilies is wrapped to look like a box of chocolate.Print clip art onto heavyweight paper; cut out. Wrap around vase and secure with double sided tape.
4. Heart Arrangement
This arrangement of parrot tulips and nerine lilies is made even more sweet thanks to the candy hearts tucked inside.To make the conversation hearts, print and cut out our clip art and, using string, attach them to an 11 inch piece of wire bent into a curve.
5. Heart Centerpiece
On February 14, only one flower will do. Its not that a big bouquet isnt sublime, but a single genus best conveys a message of love the rose, preferably in lush tones of red and pink. Although long stems crowd every florists cooler, any romantic knows that beautiful blossoms are the heart of the matter especially when their stems are cut short and theyre gathered into tiny vases or glasses arranged in the unmistakable shape of affection.
6. Flicker of an Idea
With the help of these candle and flower centerpieces, the whole table will shine. For each one, use candle wax to attach a small floral frog to the center of a shallow bowl. Push a taper into the floral frog to secure. Pour water into the bowl. Clip amaryllis blooms or other large flowers from their stems, and arrange them in the bowl around the candle.
7. Rose Carnation
Express your sentiments with a bright and beautiful arrangement featuring carnations, lady slipper orchids, and roses.
8. A Candle Garden
Romance is in the details, especially at a Valentines Day dinner. Arrange pillar candles of different sizes and colors in a serving platter or shallow bowl. Then, surround the candles with a layer of dried beans we used kidney beans, but pink lentils, red beans, and red rice also work nicely. Beans make cleanup of the wax easy and unify a group of candles into a true centerpiece.
9. Floating Heart
Flowers have always managed to say a lot, but theyve rarely expressed sentiments so clearly and directly. This floating heart is made with pale shades of common, easily obtainable blossoms, such as carnations, mums, and hyacinths.
10. Sweetheart Arrangement
Flowers and candy are the touchstones of courtship and romance. But handing over a bouquet and a box of chocolates isnt the only way to show youre sweet on someone. The intense reds of tulips such as Red Nova and Pallada will prove that your affection has not waned. And the profusion of spicy cinnamon candies lining the vase is an elegant display of your heartfelt emotion.

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