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Valentines Day Crafts

Easy Valentine’s Day Treats and Crafts for Kids.
41. Chocolate Caramel Candy Oreo Pops
These delicious Oreo truffle pops are easy to make with all store bought ingredients. Dipped in caramel, rice krispies and chocolate, they will be an unforgettable Valentine treat.
42. Fried Pies with Printable Box
The recipe for these homemade fried pies look so yummy. You can also download and print the box to put it in. Add a ribbon or some tulle for a little extra flair.
43. All You Need is Love
For an activity, we played a game of Name That Tune with all songs that have the word LOVE in the title. I searched our itunes and tried to pick the songs that were most well known.
44. Valentine Coloring Pages
These free printable Valentines Day coloring sheets are great for preschool and elementary aged children. Print them out to use as an activity at home, to decorate your walls, or as a time filler for your class Valentines party. Three printable coloring pages to choose from.
45. Zip Tie Heart Garland
Turn a bunch of neon zip ties into a festive garland for a quick, kid friendly Valentines Day decoration.
46. Crayon Hearts
If the sun seems to peer right into your window, give it something pretty to look at and through. These translucent hanging hearts are easy to make from waxed paper and crayons.
47. Bonbon Filled Hearts
Surprise a loved one by hanging a heart shaped container filled with candy on his doorknob or near his computer.
48. Felt Heart Hat
Get your baby ready to fight the winter chill: A festive pilots cap embellished with felt hearts helps keep tiny ears toasty. Cut two large hearts from felt, and then use a needle and thread to stitch them to the cap at three points. If you want the decoration to be permanent, affix hearts with fabric glue before sewing.
49. Sentimental Valentines Day Wheel
Hundreds of years ago, astronomers fashioned volvelles wheels of paper that worked like circular slide rules to help track the movement of the planets. This version of a volvelle conceals rotating endearments along with phrases and symbols that convey your affection with a turn of the wheel.

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