valentines day cake ideas

Valentines Day Cake Ideas

Valentine's Day Dessert recipes and home made Cake to make each and every Valentine's meal special.
31. Mocha Raspberry Decadence Cake
A Birthday Party thats all Grown Up If youre getting better with age, so should your birthday parties. A fabulous chocolate cake, the most popular cake flavor in America, sets the stage for a sophisticated celebration. Mocha Raspberry Decadence, is a very grown up combination of mocha frosted chocolate cake and surprise when you cut into it, a creamy, raspberry center. A garnish of fresh raspberries completes the perfect presentation, guaranteeing to please the eye and the palate. This elegant cake will make any birthday celebration special. Its equally at home with coffee, espresso or sparkling wine. And, believe it or not, thanks to the use of quality convenience ingredients, the cake is super simple to prepare even for a novice baker. Watch our online video.
32. Heart Fireworks Cake
Pre made gum paste decorations seem to burst from the center of the Hearts Fireworks cake. Matching pastel fondant panels with cut out heart centers wrap around the cake sides to add dimension. Watch our online video.
33. Presenting Love Cake
This ribbon wrapped cake is easy to achieve using the Fondant Ribbon Cutter and Embosser Set. Interchangeable wheels and spacers fit onto the handle to cut and emboss perfectly matched strips.
34. Hearts Treasure Cake
Candy clay is a pliable, fondant like icing you can use to make flowers instead of using royal icing. Our Hearts Treasure Cake, topped by a monogrammed candy plaque, is decorated with candy clay roses and mini flowers you make ahead of time.
35. You Make My Heart Sing Cake
Our Stand Up Cuddly Bear goes undercover as a Valentine Wild Thing. Weve used cookies for the message areas and simple pull out stars for his pink fun fur.
36. Rose Garland Cake
Less formal, more fun. A dynamic swirling background wraps around the vivid rose center for a boldly romantic approach.
37. Red Hot Red Velvet Cake
Your favorite red velvet cake gets all dressed up for Valentines Day with a Cornelli lace pattern piped on the side. Use Round Decorating Tip 2 to pipe the fine pattern lines.
38. Banner Love Cake
Fondant trims are a speedy alternative to icing decorations. Ready To Use Fondant Multi Packs, available in a variety of pre made colors, can save you even more time.
39. A Gift From The Heart Cake
On Valentines Day, give your special someone a Gift from the Heart. This cake is simple to decorate using ready to use rolled fondant and heart cut outs, and its even easier to enjoy.
40. Chains of Love Cake
Pretty Pink Sugar Sheets. add a touch of simple elegance to our stacked cakes trimmed with flower chain borders.

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