unique potato chips flavors

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lays Lemon tea Flavour

Unique Potato Chips Flavors

chips may contain a gourmet blend of sundried tomatoes, paprika, and extra virgin olive oil.
lays Lemon tea Flavour

Lemon tea potato chips.Yes, you read it right.What sounds like extremely bizarre flavor to us is a pretty common thing in China.

Chinese special natural and cool flavour
Lays mint mischief flavor
Pringles chocolate peppermint
Slovakia Niva flavored
Pringle Xtreme
Bohemia mushroom flavor
Seaweed Pringles Flavour
Walkers Irish stew Flavour
Lays Natural and Cool Flavour
Pringles Cinnamon and Sugar flavor
lays Lemon tea Flavour
Tako chips octopus flavor
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