unique potato chips flavors

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Pringle Xtreme

Unique Potato Chips Flavors

chips may contain a gourmet blend of sundried tomatoes, paprika, and extra virgin olive oil.
Pringle Xtreme

The word extreme in Pringle Xtreme Screamin Dill Pickle chips refers not only to the unusual combination but also to the overwhelmingly sour, vinegary taste.

Slovakia Niva flavored
Walkers Cajun Squirrel flavour
Tako chips octopus flavor
Red Rock Deli Honey Soy Chicken flavor
California Kettles Spicy Bloody Mary flavor
Lays Natural and Cool Flavour
Lays Kpa6
Lays Chinese flavor
Pringles Cinnamon and Sugar flavor
Pringles chocolate peppermint
Seaweed Pringles Flavour
Lays Hot Chili Squid
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