unhealthy habits that will cost you dearly

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Being A Perfectionist All The Time

Unhealthy Habits That Will Cost You Dearly

Being A Perfectionist All The Time

Perfectionism is a myth. No matter how well-made something is, there is always someone willing to criticize it. Stop being a perfectionist and instead change your strategy to doing the absolute best that you can do. Dont push yourself too much and dont harass others in the name of perfectionism. A calm and peaceful life is better than a life of chasing perfection unto eternity.

Eating Too Much Or Too Little
Not Breathing Correctly
Wearing Headphones All Day
Eating Too Much Sugar And Salt
Being A Perfectionist All The Time
Not Sleeping Enough
Having Bad Hygiene Habits
Not Walking Out Of A Bad Relationship
Not Devoting Time To Your Hobbies
Not Drinking Enough Water
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