unbelievable facts about alcohol

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Wanting to get drunk is natural Possibly

Unbelievable Facts About Alcohol

Interesting alcohol facts from Drinkaware, to help you be more aware of what you're drinking.
Wanting to get drunk is natural Possibly

The drunken monkey hypothesis put forward by Dr. Robert Dudley of the University of California suggests that human attraction to ethanol (pure alcohol) may have a genetic basis.He argued that the primate ancestor of homo sapiens had a high dependence on fruit as a food source, and consequently developed a genetic attraction to ripe and overripe fruit, which contains you guessed it ethanol. Hurrah.

Fact 17
Tequila has a lot in common with champagne
Champagne is dangerous
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Fact 3
You wonotfind a drunk moose in Alaska
Fact 9
Big lads are not necessarily the biggest drinkers
It is possible to spend euro700 on one bottle of beer
Aliens are at it too
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