unbelievable facts about alcohol

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Getting a round in really is in the rules

Unbelievable Facts About Alcohol

Interesting alcohol facts from Drinkaware, to help you be more aware of what you're drinking.
Getting a round in really is in the rules

In 1993, a journalist called William Greaves with a long experience of visiting pubs up and down Britain published a set of guidelines that was welcomed by watering holes everywhere. In it he outlined the unspoken code of conduct that exists when it comes to drinking in a group. So if you ever catch a mate trying to wriggle out of buying a round, you can simply refer him to Greaves Rules to settle any argument.

Britain isnotthe booziest place in the world
Fact 11
Fact 13
Wanting to get drunk is natural Possibly
Big lads are not necessarily the biggest drinkers
Fact 9
It is possible to spend euro700 on one bottle of beer
Diet mixers get you more drunk
Fact 18
Fact 2
Fact 7
Aliens are at it too
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