unbelievable facts about alcohol

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Unbelievable Facts About Alcohol

Interesting alcohol facts from Drinkaware, to help you be more aware of what you're drinking.
Fact 19

Nearly a dozen states with a .08 BAC level have proposed reducing this level to .06 or lower. Washington State has actually had legislation proposed to make even .02 illegal. This level is exceeded by consuming less than one drink or by simply using mouthwash. Since half of all intoxicated drivers involved in fatal accidents have a BAC of .17 (nearly nine times higher than .02) or greater, is the real interest here in stopping drunk driving accidents or in stopping all drinking.

Big lads are not necessarily the biggest drinkers
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You wonotfind a drunk moose in Alaska
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Diet mixers get you more drunk
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Tequila has a lot in common with champagne
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