unbelievable facts about alcohol

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Aliens are at it too

Unbelievable Facts About Alcohol

Interesting alcohol facts from Drinkaware, to help you be more aware of what you're drinking.
Aliens are at it too

Or at least they could be, if they wanted. Astronomers discovered that there is quite a lot of ethanol in space. As much as 400 trillion trillion beers worth, actually, floating around in an interstellar cloud roughly 10,000 light years from Earth.

Fact 16
Tequila has a lot in common with champagne
Fact 14
Fact 2
Fact 8
Fact 17
Getting a round in really is in the rules
Britain isnotthe booziest place in the world
Cenosillicaphobia is a real phobia
Fact 6
Fact 15
Fact 10
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