trips and things to strike off your bucket list before getting hitched

Trips And Things To Strike Off Your Bucket List Before Getting Hitched

1. Vroom vroom through Leh and Ladakh
The Leh Ladakh biking expedition is one of the hardest, scariest and most satisfying road trips to take in India. It is a bucket list favorite for adventure seekers! So why wait? Dust that Enfield and take off to the most scenic trails to ride on, with the mountains to keep you company.
2. Zanskar frozen river trek Chadar trek at Ladakh Himalaya
One of the most internationally acclaimed treks, the Chadar trek is bound to leave you wanting more! The high canyon walls surrounding the lake don t let the sunrays reach the lake; but when they do, the view is breathtaking. The trek is moderate to challenging, so a little bit of experience will help you. This trek will leave your soul with a spiritual feeling, it s a life changing experience for those who wish to put behind all their negative emotions and start new.
3. Fly like a bird with paragliding
Paragliding in India is usually met with skeptical looks. However, it s been a part of many tourist packages for a long time. There are tons of destinations for paragliding in India, some of which include Kullu, Jaipur, Pawana, Kunjapuri and Yelagiri among others. With so many options to choose from, fly the skies with open arms and take in the view of sunsets, oceans and mountains.
4. Let go of everything with bungee jumping
Bungee jumping is the one thing everyone wishes to strike off their to do lists and for right reasons! It s exhilarating and all your fears come down with the striking force that you jump off with! Take a trip to Rishikesh, visit Wanderlust in Delhi, Goa, Ozone Adventures in Bangalore or Lonavla and cherish the beauty of these places along with the memories of letting go of your fears with bungee jumping!
5. Snorkel your way through the Andamans
The Andaman and Nicobar Islands offer everything from breathtaking coral reefs to beautiful sunsets by the ocean. But if you wish to amp up the trip a little more, try snorkeling! Give the underwater world a visit and take in all the colours and silence that they offer. You ll be surprised by the different colored fish and corals you come across. It s bound to melt your heart and the barriers between the two worlds will come crashing down!
6. Around India in a backpack
Collect those holidays pending at work, pack your bags and take off to a different place all by yourself! There is so much India has to offer you? places to see, people to meet and experiences to hold on to. No questions asked, the world is your oyster! Start from places that are nearby and slowly backpack your way through cultures, taking in as much as you possibly can! ?",6.jpg,Trips And Things To Strike Off Your Bucket List Before Getting Hitched 4220,Understand Lakshadweep through scuba diving,Become one with the marine life by scuba diving your way through the ocean. Lakshadweep has one of the best coral reefs and blue seas within your reach. Even if you re a beginner, don t sweat it! That s the point of giving in to your wishes. Learn the secrets of the sea and let your worries be left behind.
7. Swish and swoosh your last days of single life by skiing
Make sure you have cold feet only because of skiing and not because of wedding jitters! North India offers plenty of places to ski away all your pre wedding nervousness. With places like Pahalgam, Manali, Mundali and Auli, you have plenty of options to choose from. Even if you re a beginner to skiing, it s an art you can always learn. You could strike that off your list too!
8. Flight of fantasy skydiving
If you re an adrenaline junkie, then skydiving is your answer! With your mind and heart on similar focus level, the bird s eye view of the world and the pounding sensation in your heart, skydiving is what will change your perspective on life. It teaches you courage and confidence that will be much required for your future!
9. Explore the caves before you explore the depth of a married life
Caves hold so many mysteries with every turn and tunnel. Explore the many caves that Meghalaya has to offer, and discover the beauty of nature among underground rivers, hidden tunnels and formations. The darkness and silence of the caves with just the noise of water gushing will lend you the peace and serenity to keep you calm before your wedding.
10. Rafting through deadly rivers
This extremely challenging adventure will leave you with courage and strength that you didn t know you had! India has rivers like the Teesta, Bhagirathi, Indus and Zanskar among others with scary ups and downs, but the thrill you feel while rafting is a worth it all. It s an experience that will stay with you for ages to come.

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