toys your child will want this holiday season

Toys Your Child Will Want This Holiday Season

Hot Toys Your Child Will Want This Holiday Season.
21. Little Tikes Tumble Train
After pressing the start button, the train begins to move along the curvy track to tumble in random directions allowing kids to chase after it. The train will randomly reverse directions, causing track to roll in unpredictable directions. Removable and usable on any surface, the train features lights and sound effects to grab a child
22. Beauty Bella Bird Cage
If your children are too young to take care of a real birdie, get them the Beauty Bella Bird Cage by Little Live Pets. This pet bird will respond to touch, sing, record sounds and will even talk back.
23. Hamper Basketball Hoop
Produced by Wham O, the Hamper Basketball Hoop is a smart combination of a basketball hoop and a laundry bag. Easily attachable to most door types, it will encourage your kids to put dirty clothes where it belongs while practicing their basketball skills.
24. Pop Up Pirate Game
In this easy game suitable for almost any age, players take turn sliding colorful swords in the barrel to see who will make the pirate pop up. Kids (as well as many adults) love the popping action of the pirate flying out of the barrel.
25. Stretch N Shout Leonardo Figure
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been around for decades so you might have as much fun as your kids playing with these green, pizza loving guys. By stretching the Stretch N

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