tips to success in mat exam

Mix it up

Tips to success in MAT Exam

GMAT preparation tips and success stories earlier.
Mix it up
You know you should do a lot of topic based work especially in your weak areas. And you know you ll have to take practice tests to prepare for the GMAT s adaptive format, which is both less familiar and more stressful than a paper based format.That s all well and good. But don t limit yourself to topic based work and practice tests. Topic based drills are indispensable, but they give you a crutch you already know what kind of problem you re facing. In contrast, the GMAT throws you problems in random order by content area.So you need to develop your eye your ability to recognize patterns, perceive key traits, classify problems and bring relevant strategies to bear.
In this regard, practice tests would seem to help you here and they do. But you can t, or shouldn t, take a practice test every day. You can burn yourself out all too easily. After every practice exam, you need time to study the detailed game film, draw out lessons and fix the issues. That s several days of work before you take another practice exam.

Practice a lot
Strive to go beyond your target GMAT score
Data sufficiency questions require sufficient practice
Keep moving through the test
Avoid random guessing
Start early
Master the Fundamentals
Take as many practice tests as you can
Plan your preparation time effectively
Attempt fist five questions well
Turn enemies into friends
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