tips to succeed in study

Tips to succeed in Study

How to succeed in your studies. Tips and strategies to help you succeed in your studies.
31. Study well in advance
This will give you more control and enough time to tie up loose ends. Knowing that you have control over the situation, will ensure greater success. This will also avoid nervousness and unnecessary exam jitters.
32. Keep or stay away from other negative students
Their constant self pity and complaints will do you no good and this will reduce your chances of passing.
33. Always remember
There are others out there feeling the same feelings, experiencing the same insecurities and having the same doubts as you.
34. Have a planner
It doesnt matter whether you use a paper planner, your cell phone or a calendar on your computer, every student needs to have a central system to record what theyre supposed to be doing when, Dietzel said.
35. Schedule everything in
Put everything in your planner, including your classes, library and study sessions and even breaks like exercise, relaxation and time with friends. This way you dont even need to contemplate your next step and possibly get distracted or interrupted .

For instance, every Tuesday and Thursday, you already know that youre studying at the library for two hours. Eventually, your library sessions and other regular activities become as automatic as brushing your teeth. Dietzel also compared this to athletes on the field: When your teammate throws you the ball, you dont need to think about catching it. You do it reflexively.

36. Study in increments
Cramming the night before a test isnt just stressful; its ineffective. Our brains arent meant to absorb and retain information [that we] reviewed at the last minute, Dietzel said. Thats because repetition is key to learning, and last minute stress can lead to anxiety that blocks our ability to readily understand and recall information. Instead, Dietzel suggests starting a week ahead and studying in 15 to 20 minute increments.
37. Take effective notes
Learn how to save time and energy by using effective note taking strategies for both traditional and online classes. Explore ways to exercise good judgment when deciding what to write down. You can maximize your productivity by leveraging these tips for organizing and taking class notes.
38. Study smart before exams
Discover proven tricks to help you recall information on test day. Youll find methods that work for different kinds of courses and exams. By using these memorization tips, youll cut down on your test prep time for each course and will be more likely to recall important information that will serve you in future courses, as well.
39. Maintain your studies
See how you can retain and build on what youve learned in your courses. Dont let your knowledge and hard work go to waste. Explore ways to preserve valuable course materials and remain abreast of developments in your field.
40. Manage your stress
Learn the different kinds of stress and the symptoms of detrimental stress. See how you can recognize your own common stress triggers. You can develop ways to create a buffer and be prepared both mentally and physically to handle stressful situations during your academic career.

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