tips to succeed in presentation

Circle the crowd

Tips to succeed in Presentation

Presentations are mostly practiced by students and professionals, and they are a great way to convey
Circle the crowd

A very important part of public speaking is to make eye contact with people seated in all parts of the room even those nodding off in the back. That shows people that youre interested in communicating with them not just getting through this experience as quickly as possible. And it wouldnt hurt to go out from in back of the podium or desk and walk around the room a little. Sharing space with the audience can also communicate your interest in sharing your results with them, something you surely want to do.

Do your homework
Star Tip
Have a separate handout
Simplify your graphics
Take it slow
Play the parts
Team Question and Answer Session
Play it straight
Use aids
Begin with an eye opener
Keep it short and sweet
Check your equipment in advance
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