tips to succeed in love

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Seek out necessary resources

Tips to succeed in Love

There is an art and science to building strong relationships.
Seek out necessary resources

When you stop learning you should be dead I mean that literally. The time to learn is now and always. Read books, go to seminars, buy programs that will help you advance, attend retreats, talk to your mentors, have lunch with the CEO of your company and other successful people in life, and do whatever it takes to develop the necessary tools for obtaining massive success, abundance and overflowing love. No need to wait until the need arises to learn a new skill, by that time you are already behind the curve. Add the knowledge to your toolbox and when needed you will instinctively use what you already know.

Create a we that can house two Is
He sees love as a journey
Talk to each other
Get clear
Improve your social skills
Take action now
Create a safe environment for sharing
He is not in a hurry
Make peace with your sexuality
Connect with the different parts of yourself
He sees his life as a self
Make time for your relationship
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