tips to succeed in love

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Improve your social skills

Tips to succeed in Love

There is an art and science to building strong relationships.
Improve your social skills

According to research conducted by University of California Santa Barbara economist Catherine Weinberger, the most successful business people excel in both cognitive ability and social skills, something that hasnt always been true. She crunched data linking adolescent skills in 1972 and 1992 with adult outcomes, and found that in 1980, having both skills didnt correlate with better success, whereas today the combination does. The people who are both smart and socially adept earn more in todays work force than similarly endowed workers in 1980, she says.

Love well
Seek out necessary resources
Say the hard things from love
He keeps his balance
Make peace with your sexuality
Take action now
He sees love as a journey
Try to make him happy
He understands the paradox of generosity
Make time for your relationship
Walk the walk
Get clear
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