tips to succeed in love

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He holds out for the best

Tips to succeed in Love

There is an art and science to building strong relationships.
He holds out for the best

He doesnt sacrifice long term happiness for momentary entertainment. In other words, the man who succeeds at love has patience enough to wait for it even when hes really tired of waiting. Thats not to say he sits at home alone flipping through TV channels every night. Hes engaged with the world and has his eyes open for signs of romantic possibility. But he knows enough to see a partners potential as it really is, not simply as hed like it to be. He isnt afraid to move on when necessary.

Separate the facts from the feelings
Up the numbers
Create a we that can house two Is
Relish the differences between you
Love well
Seek out necessary resources
Partner heal thyself
Listen to each other
Make time for your relationship
He holds out for the best
Go above and beyond
Take action now
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