tips to succeed in love

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Get clear

Tips to succeed in Love

There is an art and science to building strong relationships.
Get clear

How can you know what is expected of you if you are not clear about what exactly you are trying to achieve? In the workplace you must get clear direction from your superior. In your relationships you have to have an open dialog about what you are trying to gain collectively and what are you bottom line of needs. Likewise, if you are currently not in a relationship or on a job, you should get a blank journal book for each and begin to clearly define for yourself what you require to be happy and successful in your career and at home. Be specific in your wants, needs and desires so that you can begin to focus your energy toward those things and most certainly, when you believe that it is possible for you then you will begin to see opportunities open for you in the direction of your vision.

Try to make him happy
Separate the facts from the feelings
Walk the walk
Love well
Seek out necessary resources
Make peace with your sexuality
He keeps his balance
Ask questions
He sees his life as a self
Listen to each other
He is not in a hurry
Make repair attempts
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