tips to succeed in love

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Tips to succeed in Love

There is an art and science to building strong relationships.
11. He keeps his balance
In work, at play, in conflict, in his wants and needs, the successful lover knows how to keep sight of whats important. He sees the wisdom and value of moderation. Hes serious about his career, but not to the point of neglecting the people in his life. He likes to win but enjoys celebrating his womans successes as well. This man steers clear of any excesses that threaten his equilibrium.
12. He sees his life as a self
A man who grows defensive and hostile at the first hint of criticism is handicapped from the get go in a relationship. The successful guy is well aware that he isnt perfect, which makes him able to consider his partners point of view in a conflict. Hes ahead of the curve and never stops growing, learning, and reaching. Hes no push over, but when he is wrong, he owns it and does what is necessary to make things right.
13. Up the numbers
Dating is, in some respects, a numbers game. Can you find life long love with your first boyfriend? Sure, its possible but not very probable. For most couples, it takes meeting and spending time with lots of potential partners before discovering the right match. Just as weve all met couples who, by all appearances, have been successful at finding true love, weve all met singles who complain they are unlucky in love and yet hole up at home, never making efforts to meet and mingle with potential partners or venture into relationships. If you want to find yourself part of a successful, happy couple you cant be a wallflower. When it comes to meeting eligible partners, increase your numbers and youll increase your chances.
14. Make peace with your sexuality
Your femininity and sexuality are powerful forces that at the risk of sounding like a superhero movie can be used for good or evil. Women who are successful at love tend to embrace a healthy perspective of their feminine charms. They dont repress their sexuality and they dont use it as a means of acting out, sabotaging themselves, or manipulating the men they date. If you feel trapped by the need to repress your femininity sexuality, or if you use it to express negative feelings about yourself, or hurt or control others, get help. Having a healthy perspective on who you are as a woman, and seeing your feminine and sexual charms as something healthy and beautiful to bring to a loving, committed relationship, makes you a more attractive, viable partner.
15. Walk the walk
Youre worthy of being loved and cherished. And if youre worthy of being loved and cherished by a man, youre also worthy of being loved and cherished by yourself. This isnt about having the perfect features or curves of a supermodel. But it is about refusing to let yourself go. When a woman deems herself unworthy of the time and effort to exercise, eat well, and be well groomed, it sends a message to the world I dont think Im worth the effort. Its the wrong message. And its especially the wrong message to send to potential partners who should, instead, be seeing you as someone special they would be blessed to get to know.
16. Love well
Being successful at romantic relationships means knowing how to love well. There are a lot of healthy relationship skills that are wrapped up in these two little words Love well but those skills include choosing to forgive, asking for forgiveness when needed, setting healthy boundaries, communicating from your heart, being a good listener, and using your words to build instead of destroy.
All the relational and social skills that may you successful in other areas career, parenting, friendships are vitally important in your love life. Your chances of becoming part of a healthy, loving couple increase when you are emotionally healthy, love yourself, know how to love someone else, and spend time getting to know quality potential partners and letting them get to know you.
17. Create a safe environment for sharing
Dont interrupt, even if you need to put your hand over your mouth to stop yourself. Learn to fight fairly. No name calling. Dont make threats. Apologize when you know you should. If youre too angry to really listen, stop! Go into another room, take space for yourself, breathe, and calm down. Remember your partner is not the enemy.
18. Separate the facts from the feelings
What beliefs and feelings get triggered in you during conflicts? Ask yourself Is there something from my past that is influencing how Im seeing the situation now? The critical question you want to ask Is this about him or her, or is it really about me? Whats the real truth? Once youre able to differentiate facts from feelings, youll see your partner more clearly and be able to resolve conflicts from clarity.
19. Create a we that can house two Is
The FOUNDATION for a thriving, growing, mutually supportive relationship is to be separate and connected. In co dependent relationships, each person sacrifices part of him or her self, compromising the relationship as a whole. When you are separate and connected, each individual I contributes to the creation of a we that is stronger than the sum of its parts.
20. Develop Compassion
Practice observing yourself and your partner without judging. Part of you might judge, but you dont have to identify with it. Judging closes a door. The opposite of judging is compassion. When you are compassionate, you are open, connected, and more available to dialoging respectfully with your partner. As you increasingly learn to see your partner compassionately, you will have more power to choose your response rather than just reacting.

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