tips to succeed in exams

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Set your study goals and create a flexible study plan

Tips to succeed in Exams

The first and most basic point is to make a solid revision plan.
Set your study goals and create a flexible study plan

In order to achieve exam success you need to know what you want to achieve. Thats why it is extremely important to set your Study Goals now and outline to yourself what you need to do. With your study goals in mind and your end of year exams weeks and months away it makes sense to have a flexible study plan as opposed to a rigid one. The closer you get to your exams the more concrete your study plan should be, but at this point it should be porous. It should be broad enough to allow you to add and change aspects but concise enough so you know youre covering each subject/topic as best you can at this point.

Sleep well before the exam
Make use of mnemonics
Question Requirements
Organise your time
Studying for the Exam
Manage your time
Surround yourself with learning
Look at past papers
Keep up with reading
Trust yourself and your memory
Understand your study topics in your own words
Plan you Answers
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