tips to succeed in exams

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Dont be afraid to ask study questions

Tips to succeed in Exams

The first and most basic point is to make a solid revision plan.
Dont be afraid to ask study questions

Of course, depending on what youre studying, it may be quite difficult to get into a position to understand a concept,theory or other information you need to learn. This is where it is invaluable to ask questions of your teachers, lecturers or other educators. Dont be afraid of asking a stupid question there really is no such thing when it comes to study and learning! Embrace your curiosity, for as William Arthur Ward said

Apply memory techniques
Develop effective note taking techniques
Try the verbal approach
Reading Time
Use all your intelligences
Do not procrastinate
Quiz yourself
After the Exam
Make use of mnemonics
Studying for the Exam
Organise your time
Build Interest
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