tips to succeed in exams

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Create mind maps

Tips to succeed in Exams

The first and most basic point is to make a solid revision plan.
Create mind maps

Mind maps are graphic organizers, developed by Tony Buzan, which can help you summarize vital information from lectures and textbooks. Each topic can be condensed onto a page; each chapter can be encapsulated onto a larger map. Eventually, you can develop a mind map to review the key sections of each course and get a broad view of how each topic relates to the others. Then, to review before an exam, see if you can reconstruct the map. In this way, you can test yourself to see if you can recall key terms, factors, reasons and examples.

Change your study environment
Develop effective note taking techniques
Keep up with reading
Question Requirements
Attend classes regularly
Get Creative with online study tools
Trust yourself and your memory
Overview your work
Understand your study topics in your own words
Make use of mnemonics
Reading Time
Short answer questions
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