tips to succeed in exams

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Before the Final Exam

Tips to succeed in Exams

The first and most basic point is to make a solid revision plan.
Before the Final Exam

Review key points that your professor made during class. If he chose to emphasize this material, it is likely important enough to include on the final exam. Find content in your readings that supports your key points. This supporting material can help you build a strong argument for an essay final exam.
Make flash cards with key terms. Write the term on the front of the flash card and the definition or explanation on the back of the card. For example, if you are studying for an English literature final exam, write authors names on the front of the flash cards and their works on the back. Carry these cards with you in your purse or backpack, and review the material whenever you have time.

Sleep well before the exam
Make use of mnemonics
Keep up with reading
Dont be afraid to ask study questions
During the Exam
Develop effective note taking techniques
Do not procrastinate
Creating a Study Plan
After the Exam
Surround yourself with learning
Short answer questions
Essay style questions
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